Moving your on-premise IT setup to a cloud solution is one of the most critical business decisions your company will make. Still, that first step is a small one. You’re approaching a migration process that will comprise the bulk of your transition efforts.

You cannot just get up one day and say, “Hey! I’m going to migrate my database to the cloud today.” There are many considerations to make. Many vendors provide attractive cloud offerings, but you also need to know what to look for.

The cloud migration process can be painful without proper planning, execution, and testing. Recent surveys have found that only a small percentage of companies that moved to the cloud were extremely satisfied with their overall cloud migration experience.

On a list of the most common cloud-related pain points, migration comes right after security.

By having a solid plan and great execution, most of the common problems will be solved before they have the chance to cause you any pain.

CloudStructa host a dedicated team of cloud specialists with expertise in the requirements of your project. We focus on connecting companies to the right cloud solutions and then create, deploy and sometimes operate an organisation’s IT infrastructure through the cloud.

CloudStructa can help you

  • Define the scope of your migration
  • Collect critical infrastructure data
  • Conduct a deep analysis for your migration plan
  • Deliver your business case and solution

With cloud migrations, getting it right cannot happen later in the life of the migration. CloudStructa can support your migration efforts, and be sure you provide the required level of expertise in design and deployment you need at the start.